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For the spreading of rock, gravel, aggregate, and other hard materials, check out the Salford BBI RockBody.. Salford BBI performance is unparalleled. The design, engineering and production of our Litter Spreaders, Fertilizer Spreaders, Truck-Mount Spreaders, Pull-Type Spreaders, 2-Bin Spreaders, 3-Bin Spreaders, Large Capacity Fertilizer Spreaders is consistently scrutinized by our …

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Marketing Office for Sittler Compost Equipment : Current Listings updated April 12 /2019. Sittler Row Crop Spreader SOLD. Sittler Row Crop Spreader, purchased in 201 4, well maintained, good condition, good price now available.. Contact us for a current price. [email protected], or call 1-866-271-0719, 1-416-686-3690, fax 1-416-686-4220

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A Robust Side Discharge Spreader for Just About Any Application Millcreek Row Mulchers help save time and back breaking shovel work when applying mulch, compost, organic mulch, and soil mixtures. There are several models in overall widths ranging from 53 to 85 inches to meet your application needs on berry farms, vineyards, nurseries, and ...

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The side-delivery spinning disc system can efficiently spread material up to 5m. The mulching auger drive can feed both wet and dry material, including compost, manure and other bulky material. All of this means the Jolly is perfect for orchard and row crops, including vineyards.

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S&A's AG 100 Spreader . The AG 100 spreader can be made with a narrow 48″ or 60″ width with a 16″ wide chain to spread compost, lime, gypsum, and other bulk materials. With a 12″ side extension it holds 4 yards of material and will spread up to 3 tons of material per acre in one pass.

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The Spreader lays down a regulated depth of compost with 13 settings ranging from 1/8" to 1". The width is 30" -- perfect for 30"-wide growing beds. And the distance between the spreader's wheels is 35.5", so it can effectively straddle 30'' raised beds up to 6" tall (roughly).

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chandler 40 ptt-ft exw fertilizer and lime spreader heavey walking beam tandem axle, 700/50-22.5 floatation tires, wider spread patterns-80' fertilizer, 60' lime, 12- tons fertilizer and 16-tons lime, 304 stainless steel, belt over-bar type chain, plug to tractor hydraulcs with raven control sys...

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This machine is designed to fall different manure (cattle manure, compost, organic wastes, lime, poultry manure, gypsum, wood shavings etc.) for the distribu...

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For the large lawn: Use the motorized compost spreader full of Soil3 humus compost from the BigYellowBag. Crank up this bad boy and watch it spray compost out easily and evenly. Super-Sod rents motorized large spreaders out for 24-hour periods at the following stores: Orangeburg, Charlotte, Mooresville, Gwinnett, Marietta, and Atlanta State Farmers Market.

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Mini Row Mulchers. Durable, narrow-body, row mulcher for hobby farms or large estate crops. Model 204 Mini Row Mulcher. 2.9 yd³ capacity heaped. Request Pricing. Starting at $228/mo. Category: Row Mulchers. Description.

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Then fill the hopper with compost, and drive the compost spreader down the length of your garden bed. The wheels are spaced 36″ apart, and the spreader body itself is 30″ wide, with a 6″ ground clearance, making it the perfect width for spreading compost on your 30″ wide beds. With a full hopper of compost, you can cover 100-foot row at ...

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Pequea's skinniest vineyard spreader, the GSN-8, offers a compact 52″ overall width for fitting in between the tightest row. But don't be fooled by the slim profile, the GSN-8 can still haul a load. An 8′ steep angled hopper allows for a 4.2 cubic yard heaped capacity and up to a 7,200 lb load.

Using A Compost Spreader For Your Lawn: All There Is To Know

Measure your lawn. For 1000 square feet of your lawn, use ¾ cubic yards of compost. With this measurement, you cover your lawn with a ½-inch layer of compost. Load your compost spreader. Irrespective of the kind of spreader you're using, start from …

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Applications. Millcreek created the popular Row Mulcher when a small blueberry grower asked us to build a spreader for applying wood chips to those acid-loving plants. Now all kinds of growers have discovered how the original Row Mulcher makes it so practical to apply mulch and compost for moisture conservation, weed suppression, soil ...

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Mulch Spreader. The Earth & Turf Model 320 Vineyard Special mulch spreader features a compact size with "slimmed down" frame and axle assembly. Making it the perfect package for vineyards, orchards, and row crops with narrow rows. Measuring only 42 in. from wheel-to-wheel and 45 in. at the widest point of the light material sides, the ...

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Compost Spreader for Tractor 3-Point Mount. 1320 lb. capacity. 1 or 2 . Band single row or Broadcast 180 degrees.

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Empty bin and stockpile compost in a safe spot, away from water, and cover with a tarp. Make sure to weight the edges down so the tarp doesn't fly away with the wind. This will also allow the pile to decompose and likely reduce in size. If you have a tractor, load the bucket with compost …

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The Adams 5 Ton-Narrow Row "Specialty" Ground Driven Spreader is built with a 62 inch wheel track. Designed with two 7K axles and a 40ft. spread pattern. This unique design is built with our cotton, corn, and milo farmer in mind.

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The units from the Stablers would not work well for compost. The mesh openings are too large. It's perfect for manures though. We built our own push spreaders similar to your first link with the intention of making a towing unit to hook them up in tandem. Never got around to it and most urban lawns couldn't handle the size anyways.

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Re: In row compost spreader I compost horse manure (3 horses) and use the largest ground-driven manure spreader that Frontier makes. I use the same tractor to load and pull, and it works OK, though during the spreading process I usually wish the spreader held more bucketfuls.

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5. $59.00. $59. . 00. FREE Shipping. Ages: 14 years and up. Landzie Lawn & Care Durable Lightweight Lawn Care Equipment - Manure Spreader. 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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Shop 63 compost spreader at Northern Tool + Equipment. Spyker Broadcast Spreader Full Deflector Kit — Fits Spyker Spreaders Item#s 14081, 14082, 14085 and 14087, Model# KSP10-FD2

Can You Put Compost In A Spreader? | Yuzu Magazine

Also, compost tends to be quite wet and clumpy and will quickly clog the spreader. Pelletized compost can be spread using a lawn spreader. If you can find pelletized compost, then this would be suitable to use in a drop spreader. However, it can be quite hard to get hold of, and it's always best to use homemade compost where possible.

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With a single-axle design and 44-inch clearance, the RC800 Fertilizer Spreader is ideally engineered for row crop applications. SPREAD IS UP TO 90′! Save time in the field with a spread each pass. Hitch with heavy duty safety chain. Hydraulic On/Off for Conveyor. …

compost spreader from Northern Tool

Can You Put Compost In A Spreader? | Yuzu Magazine

GSN8 | Vineyard Spreader | Orchard Equipment | Pequea

GSN8. Pequea's skinniest vineyard spreader, the GSN-8, offers a compact 52″ overall width for fitting in between the tightest row. But don't be fooled by the slim profile, the GSN-8 can still haul a load. An 8′ steep angled hopper allows for a 4.2 cubic yard heaped capacity and up to a 7,200 lb load. View our selection of Spreaders and ...

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Compost Topdresser Spreader. The thing is nearly $800 and while I'd prefer not to spend that on something that I'll only use a couple times a year, I have found no local rentals here in the DC area. One last thing I thought I'd try before ordering the 24d, is modification of a cheap drop spreader. I know the hopper wouldn't be as big.

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Fertilizer Spreader. WHATCOM MANUFACTURING'S STAINLESS STEEL FERTILIZER SPREADERS ARE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THE BERRY GROWER. Extra narrow width and higher capacity will accommodate mature fields and minimize time and trips required to cover larger acreage plantings.

Spreader - BCS America

With the increased capacity of the Expansion Kit, the Spreader will easily cover a 100' row spreading at a depth of 3/4". Mechanically, the all-terrain lug tires drive a full-width, heavy-duty rubber conveyor belt, allowing the compost to evenly discharge from the front of the spreader.


Link. - MANURE/COMPOST SPREADER TYPE URAGANO: Strong spreader to 2 vertical rollers from 9 to 30 Ton of capacity with take off that leave to 1000 rpm and arrive reduced to the rollers to 460 rmp ( on request 560 rpm). The width of spreading change in base the type of manure and can be from 8 to 12 m., and we can increase changing the diameter ...

Compost/Manure Spreader | Parma Company

Compost/Manure Spreader. The Parma Compost and Manure Spreader. Since 2000 Parma Company has been building one of the toughest forage and commodity hauling units available. These are available with a Beater or Spinner attachment. Parma Spreader boxes and trailers are designed with all welded, heavy-duty construction using 14ga and 12ga ...

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Compost can be hard to spread -- it's heavy when damp and can stay in clumps even when it's dry. Dumping piles of compost from a wheelbarrow and raking them out by hand can take a long time. Using a compost spreader makes the job easier, but commercially available spreaders can be costly.